Advice for Future Students at Duquesne University

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0:00 – The advice that I have for nurses considering the Family Nurse Practitioner program, really evaluate your life and look at how this program is going to fit into that. Sometimes you have to make some arrangements and some changes because to be in this program it takes a lot of determination and alterations in life. I would recommend just really look and see if this is something you’re truly passionate about and if it is then definitely go for it. Just be aware that things may come up where you need to be flexible.

0:45 – Advice I’d give to nurses considering this program, if you want a credible school, a quality education with people that really care about your success and to know that you will really be prepared for whatever you want to get to next – this program has not only helped me develop the skills to assess communities, to assess people, take care of someone as an outpatient, so if that’s your goal this is the program for you.

1:08 – I would recommend this program because I did it first hand, and so it’s big, Duquesne is a big program and we have a lot of students but it’s so personal. There’s not been one clinical person or one clinical faculty member that I haven’t met early on in my career, that if I knew I needed something now they would not be receptive to. It’s a big school and we have a lot of students, but you’re definitely an individual. It’s like it’s like your family.

1:39 – I would definitely come to Duquesne University because of the support system, the curriculum. Definitely follow what you’re told, do the reading do the work. It’s an all in one package – you will be successful if you choose this program.