Family Nurse Practitioner Alumni – Jamie Clark

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:00 – Hi, my name is Jamie Clark and I am a nurse practitioner graduate from Duquesne University. I finished the program about three years ago and I’m fully practicing now. Duquesne gave me a great opportunity to feel completely prepared and ready for my certification and board examination. I feel like I was fully prepared.I had a lot of opportunity to get hands-on experience in the clinical setting and be able to ultimately practice alongside a preceptor as independently as possible in my clinical practicum.

:42 – I am actually also a part of the University staff as an adjunct clinical faculty now and so I get to be a part of this whole experience now from a different ed of the spectrum. This program really gave me the opportunity to never feel like a number. I always felt like I had a very good working personal relationships with all the faculty and staff and other students and so many of us now that aren’t even from the Pittsburgh area still keep in touch on a yearly basis. So this is more of a family and it’s really been a pleasure and it’s a great opportunity and I’m really happy to be here.