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Family Nursing Practitioner Student- Fred Pounds

:00 – Hi, my name is Fred Pounds and I’m a nurse practitioner student at Duquesne School of Nursing. I’m in my final year and I chose Duquesne for a few reasons. One is because Duquesne School of Nursing has been nationally recognized for many years and it’s also a military friendly school.

:19 – The GI Bill is accepted here, it’s a yellow ribbon participant. I chose also because of the flexibility of taking classes online, opposed to taking classes in a classroom. I have a family, I’m also in the Air Force Reserves and this could have been a little problematic if I was taking classes in a classroom setting.

:44 – I also enjoyed being able to select clinical sites that were close to home and I didn’t have to travel very far to go to different clinical sites which could be difficult in a nurse practitioner program. And finally, after meeting all the faculty during orientation everyone was very open and welcoming and they’ve been very supportive throughout the program. So I feel that long-term I’m going to be very successful just from the way that the faculty and Duquesne School of Nursing has prepared me.

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