MSN On-Campus Residency Week

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0:00 – Our on-campus week here at Duquesne is a two and a half day, mandatory time where our students come to Pittsburgh and they have face-to-face, hands on interaction to learn all the skills that are necessary for their curriculum. So some of our goals for our students, the second year students come and this is the first time that they learn their physical exam. We have them practice; we teach them what they’re supposed to learn. We go system by system with the bodies with different station set up, so by the time that they leave after two and a half days, they feel comfortable to start their clinical rotations with their preceptor.

0:46 – For the third year students, they come back after having some clinical expertise. We refresh their skills; we take it to the next level where they can learn a little bit more and they feel more prepared to start the clinical practice, day to day as a nurse practitioner. So every year we get feedback from the faculty and the students alike and we change it up every semester so we’re always offering a high-quality session for them, for their learning.

1:12 – This year we had about 158 years of clinical expertise, these are clinical, well-seasoned nurse practitioners that come in to teach each body system. They are experts in their field. So they have a wealth of information that they get, coming to campus that we would not be able to give them if it was just sending them out into the clinical field, their clinical rotations to learn it on their own.

1:39 – The on-campus residency week are great. I remember last year when we had this, I knew nothing about advanced physical assessment or anything. Even working everyday with patients as a nurse, I still had no idea some of these other techniques. Being able to practice them, firsthand, with people that could help me who could say “Well, do it this way” or “Do it that way” was tremendously helpful.

2:03 – What I find valuable about on-campus week is really just having that face-to-face didactic opportunity to sit down with your colleagues and talk about challenges that you’ve had and also the professors – being able to sit down with them and learn from them on a one-on-one basis. On-campus allows you to have a lot of hands on time as well. So in the lab here at Duquesne, I feel like I’m able to be evaluated on a different level and really just practice my skills.

2:39 – During this on-campus residency week, I think it’s a valuable experience because we get to interact with the faculty as well as our fellow students. We get to learn procedures in a controlled environment so that we’re prepared when we do go out to our clinical rotations or when we’re working to do these procedures and feel confident.

2:58 – I think what really makes our MSN residency week special is it provides these students with the opportunity to experience being a Duquesne University student, it provides them the opportunity meet one another in person and form life-long bonds. It gives them the experience that I wish I would have had to be able to have time suturing as a student where somebody could give me hands on experience. Where they’re right with me as I’m practicing, they’re showing me what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong and helping me with minor office procedures, things that we never had the opportunity to see years ago when I graduated.

3:40 – Having students on campus is the best part of my career, just helping them one on one, sitting with them. I’m doing EKG analysis with them, and just to sit with calipers and to work hands on is really the joy of the job. I think they’re enjoying it. They’re reaching deeper into their knowledge, but they’re also developing new skills.

4:05 – You get to interact with your classmates and your colleagues, you get to meet people’s names to faces. You get to meet with your clinical faculty and practice some really cool skills that you get to take out into your own learning environment.

4:19 – We feel that it’s very beneficial for students to come right here to campus. We feel that they do not learn as much if they weren’t here face-to-face and it’s just wonderful to see the collaboration and the networking amongst the students. We think that our program is a higher quality because of the on-campus experience.