Top Apps For Team Collaboration in Nursing

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In a fast-moving world of information overload, collaboration is more important than ever, particularly for nursing professionals who need to communicate quickly.

Nursing team collaborating

Apps can make the process of communication more productive. Nursing professionals in Duquesne University’s online RN-BSN program have the opportunity to gain the education necessary to further their medical career. Becoming skilled at using a range of apps can help them to facilitate team collaboration with other nurses and medical staff, as well as optimize organization, networking, research, and note sharing. Here are some examples:

Organization And Time Management

Nurses need to keep a tight schedule and an organized work environment. Apps that can help them stay on track include:

  • NurseGrid: Created by nurses, NurseGrid allows nursing professionals to manage their schedules and communicate with each other. Users can input an upload a month’s shifts in seconds, as well as view and swap shifts with other nurses.
  • This app focuses on task management, and easily coordinates meetings in very few steps. Calendars can be shared between multiple team members. also features a virtual assistant that syncs with Google calendar so everyone will stay up to date on workplace events.

Networking And Communication

Another crucial aspect of the nursing industry is the efficient implementation of networks. Clear communication is key for nursing professionals, especially when they are not speaking in person. Apps designed to provide effective communication include:

  • AllNurses: Sometimes, the best solutions to problems come from peers. AllNurses provides peer-to-peer communication for nurses. With roughly 790,000 members, this app allows practicing nurses to find support and the latest nursing news from other nursing professionals across the country.
  • Slack: Slack facilitates instant messaging and file sharing. It lets nurses communicate by creating topic-based discussion channels that can be searched through a system of hashtags. The app allows sharing of files, photos and video links through a simple drag-and-drop system. Both public and private channels and direct private messaging instances can be created, so users don’t have to worry about sensitive information being seen by everyone in their group.
  • Asana: Asana’s main function is group task management. Asana automatically keeps track of the tasks assigned to team members and notifies all relevant parties when a task is updated or completed. When one group member sends a message or uploads a file, Asana sends a notification to update the rest of the group.

Research And Information

Many nurses say that the most important factor when tackling group-oriented tasks is researching the topic to find useful information. A nurse is only as good as his or her knowledge of the profession, so having access to reliable information is a must. These apps specialize in assisting users with research and knowledge:

  • Informed RN Pocket Guide: Faced with a difficult challenge during a residency or a medical emergency, every second counts. Alternately titled the Informed Emergency and Critical Care Pocket Guide, the Informed RN Pocket Guide acts as an indirect collaboration between the medical professionals who wrote it and the nurses reading it.
  • Mendeley: Mendeley is a one-stop shop for research. This app assists with collecting, organizing, and sharing data. Mendeley allows nurses to keep track of each other’s updates, publications, and more. Users have access to millions of online databases, as well as Mendeley’s social network that provides numerous research tools.

Note Taking And Sharing

An important part of doing any nursing job or earning a BSN degree is the ability to take notes and share them with peers. Between studying for classes and updating patient files, nurses get much of their information from the notes of their classmates and coworkers. These apps specialize in note sharing:

  • Google Keep: Keep is a synchronized Google application that can add audio, notes, photos, lists, and reminders to users. Nurses looking for specific information can use Keep’s Optical Character Recognition technology, which can recognize text patterns and even extract text from images. Google Keep is ideal for situations where the only copy of medical a file is either a hard copy or one uploaded as an image file.
  • Myscript Memo: For nurses who prefer hand-writing their notes but still wish to share them with coworkers, Myscript Memo is the go-to app. Myscript Memo allows users to write using a stylus or their fingers on most Android, iOS, and PC devices. The notes are exported into Gmail, Evernote, or other text files, which can then be distributed to team members.

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