Why Choose Duquesne University for Online Nursing?

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0:00 – Duquesne is special in the sense that it gets to know its students, I would never feel like I was just a number here. This program in particular, being a distance learning for some students, the clinical faculty really go out of their way to engage with each student and learn about them and what they need.

0:27- You’re not a number here, you’re actually – you’re a part of a family. Everybody seems to know everybody else. The faculty is always willing to help the student. We’re currently for the 2018 graduates have a one hundred percent pass rate for both our post-master’s certificate students and our master’s students. Something else that is different with Duquesne is we have this predictor exam. It’s an exam that helps prepare them for their national certification exam. So after each of these exams, I meet with the students by phone and we go through what their strengths are and what their weaknesses are, and then I stay in touch with them as their preparing. So even after they finish, I’ll still meet with them and say “Okay, so what have you done now?” or “Before you test, make sure you have this score on your next predictor exam.”

1:15 – What distinguishes Duquesne among other schools I’ve seen, really is the faculty. Many of them are still here, they have longevity, they are so dedicated to their craft, so dedicated to their students. They really bring to the job and the career a level of commitment that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

1:36 – I chose this program because I know Duquesne is a very credible school, the online piece really drew me here. Getting up into the adult years and having my own life, being independent and autonomous in my learning was very important to me – and Duquesne’s online program allowed me that independent learning. The instructors have been great, they’re so helpful. Whenever I have a question, within a day I have an answer. If I have a problem, I have no problems going and talking to them about it.

2:08 –  I chose this program based on academics, the mission statement of the university, also the program itself. It is a rigorous program, but you will know what you need to do when you get out. Meaning you are fully prepared when you take boards and when you’re taking that first position, you’re not going to feel that you’re not confident to do this job. The support is there, if you have problems, questions, concerns, you can reach out to anyone and you get an answer right away. If you’re having a bad day, you can call them and they’re helping you get through that. They’re also there at your high points and encouraging you, so it’s a great support system.

2:50 – The expertise of our clinicians is phenomenal; we have the experts in their field come. In women’s health, in men’s health, family practice, internal medicine, some specialty, retail clinics, and they’re experts who have been seasoned clinicians, 24 or 25 years. They’ve worked in a variety of settings and venues and they offer all of that expertise to the students. All of that history and richness of the clinical faculty that come to help, I think that’s our key.