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Gain quality global health care insights.

Health care is a global issue. That’s why Duquesne University offers you the opportunity to explore health care environments from around the world as part of our Doctor of Nursing Practice program.

Travel to the rolling hills of Ireland or the cobblestone streets of Italy and experience an itinerary designed to introduce you to new health care systems and develop your global health care perspective.

Why should you study abroad?

Your ability to work with patients and colleagues of different socioeconomic or cultural backgrounds is important — they rely on you to help them navigate complex health care decisions.

Our global study experience encourages you to observe diverse patient populations to enhance your knowledge of global health issues, care strategies and disease prevention.

But the benefits of studying abroad don’t end there. Beyond cross-cultural learning, you can experience an enhanced sense of independence, increased respect for diversity and a greater sense of personal growth.*

*“Benefits of Study Abroad in Nursing,” Journal of Nursing & Patient Care, 2017

Why choose Duquesne?

There’s an art and science to nursing. Our Doctor of Nursing Practice program’s global studies option is designed to build upon both. With two international campuses, Duquesne University is uniquely positioned to deliver in-depth cultural experiences and help you leverage global knowledge in your role back home.

While abroad, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore new health care systems and gain cultural experiences
  • Earn course credit with the transcultural and global health perspective course (Please note: any tuition discounts that graduate students receive are not applicable to study abroad courses.)
  • Enhance your marketability to employers by demonstrating cultural knowledge
  • Foster connections with international health care professionals
  • Network with online classmates through collaborative in-person residencies
  • Build professional and personal confidence

What will you learn and experience?

International learning experiences can give you the opportunity to expand your nursing knowledge in an environment designed to challenge and inspire you.

  • Learn how cultural differences impact patient health care decisions
  • Understand how a country’s history and religion can impact patient care delivery
  • Gain firsthand knowledge of what transcultural health really means
  • Identify key factors that indicate how to provide care for certain populations

Visit one of our two international campus locations.

Our global study programs are designed to enhance your education and cultural knowledge — no matter the destination. Guest speakers will share their expertise about global health care systems and about nursing’s history in their respective countries.

Duquesne DNP students standing in front of Duquesne's Ireland campus

St. Michael’s House | Dublin, Ireland

Learn about the Irish health care system through hospital visits and medical museums. Discover the history of Dublin and make day trips to Galway and Belfast.

Duquesne University DNP students study nursing in Rome, Italy during a study abroad opportunity

Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth | Rome, Italy

Visit Italian medical museums and hospitals throughout the country, see Rome’s major cultural site and explore the Vatican, Palermo, Naples and Capri.

Student experiences can help you know what to expect.

Here’s what a former student shared about their time abroad with us:

“I feel like this trip changed me as a person and as a nurse
as I looked at a different culture in a new way.”

— Angel Hoffman, DNP Student