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In a rapidly evolving field such as health care, staying abreast of industry news is critical. This page can serve as a resource for information on our Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program, current trends, industry news, resource guides, and more.

Nurse assists elderly woman with skin care as part of personalized attention

Concierge Healthcare Is Booming: Here’s Everything All Upcoming Nurses Need to Know

Learn more about concierge healthcare, the categories of services available & the benefits for patients.

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person walking with cane

Guide to Fall Prevention and Management

Read our guide to decreasing the risk of falling among older adults and learn prevention tips to help prevent severe trauma.

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A worried girl sits on a bench alone

Guide to Identifying & Reporting Sexual Violence on Campuses

Our complete guide to helping you identify sexual violence on college campuses and steps for reporting any sexual abuse.

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A forensic nurse is looking at a test tube containing a blood sample.

Forensic Nurses: Save Lives, Solve Crimes

Learn more about how forensic nurses work alongside law enforcement agencies to solve crimes and help victims.

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Family nurse practitioner with patient

Top Benefits of a Career as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

Explore the benefits of a career as an FNP, the training that is needed, and career outcomes.

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Two nursing students use nursing education technology while supervised by an online instructor.

Trends in Nursing Education: What to Expect for the Future

Learn about the new trends in nursing education, the technology that is being used, and what you can expect for the future.

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A therapist meets with a young patient.

Childhood Trauma: Understanding How Trauma Impacts Mental Health and Wellness

Childhood trauma is more common than most people imagine.

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A nurse practitioner holds a patient’s hands.

LGBTQ Health Disparities and How Nurses Can Help

Learn more about LGBTQ health disparities, the increased risk of sexual abuse, and how nurses can step in and help.

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An exhausted, stressed nurse sits on the floor of a hospital corridor leaning their forehead on their knee

Strategies for Managing Nurse Stress in the Workplace: The Ultimate Guide

Nurses can experience acute stress; explore our ultimate guide to managing stress in the workplace.

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