Tips for Balancing Career, Life and School

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0:00 – Duquesne University’s Family Nurse Practitioner program has allowed me to balance work and life because the online program has allowed me to be very flexible as to when I do my actual work and when I can physically be at work, and also just balance having a family and social life. I feel like Duquesne has done really well at that.

0:29 – The support I’ve received here at Duquesne has been tremendous. Honestly, the faculty, I can’t speak high enough about, not only do they know what they’re teaching, but they truly have a passion for it. You can really tell the support here at Duquesne, they really care about the end goal of the student’s learning. It’s not just the faculty teaching the courses, it’s the academic advsiors, its really everybody that touches every point in the student’s pathway to learning. They’ve just been excellent.

1:03 – I really appreciate all the support from the faculty. They understand that most of us learners are adult learners and that we have lives outside of school. They really try to work with us in coordinating that. Again, being an independent learner and having the online courses has been awesome for me and I know a lot of other people. We can kind of pick and choose, these days I want to work, these days I want to do clinical for my own program, and these days I want to have with my family. So that’s been a huge draw for me and a big plus for this program.

1:38 – We do stress with the work-life balance, we try to work with all that. But we do tell the students that it’s a very rigorous program so they need to be able to – and only they can answer this question as “what is the best way for them to organize their time so that hey can dedicate the time they need to the program?” They’re only here for a short time and then when they graduate, they’re now taking care of patients at an entirely different level. They’re not just implementing somebody else’s orders, they’re now diagnosing these patients, they’re now treating these patients and we have to have that good, firm, solid knowledge base to be able to do that, the faculty is here to help them.

2:20 – Duquesne’s program actually works well for working adults. So I work fulltime and this program allows me to be able to continue my education, and also work and maintain the lifestyle that I have right now. I think because the faculty is so wonderful, they really support you. The program itself is geared towards adults so they understand that some of us have children and we work fulltime. The way that they have the program set up, it may be a longer program than some of the others, but that’s what allows us to be successful in the program but also be able to continue on with our lives.