Online MSN Curriculum

Three degree programs. One definite path.

Our MSN curriculum is tailored to match your area of specialization, and each program is built to prepare you for advanced certification. Hone expertise in one unique area of nursing: forensic nursing, family nurse practitioner or nurse educator.

Forensic Nursing
Become a respected leader and work collaboratively on a multidisciplinary forensic team as a coroner, expert witness or policy maker.

Family Nurse Practitioner
Provide acute and chronic care to individuals and entire families throughout their lifespan — from childhood to adulthood.

Nursing Educator
Apply your in-depth knowledge of clinical theory to the classroom and prepare the next generation of nurses with your innovative curriculum.

With our MSN, you can gain the skills to:

  • Understand the business side of nursing — leadership, management, policies and finance
  • Deliver a higher level of healthcare services by specializing in one area of nursing
  • Position yourself for competitive growth in a rapidly changing environment

MSN Core Coursework

21 Credit Hours | 7 Courses

GPNG 523Historical and Contemporary Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice3 Credits
GPNG 524Evidence Based Nursing Practice and Policy Development3 Credits
GPNG 526Healthcare Ethics in Practice and Policy3 Credits
GPNG 527Clinical Prevention and Population-Based Health Promotion3 Credits
GPNG 528Physical Assessment for Advanced Practice Nursing3 Credits
GPNG 529Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nursing3 Credits
GPNG 530Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Nursing3 Credits

Family Nurse Practitioner Coursework

21 Credit Hours | 5 Courses

GNFN 508Foundations of Family Care: Women3 Credits
GNFN 509Foundations of Family Care: Infants, Children & Adolescents4 Credits
GNFN 510Foundations of Family and Individual Care I6 Credits
GNFN 511Foundations of Family and Individual Care II 5 Credits
GPNG 546Transitioning to Advanced Practice Nursing3 Credits

Forensic Nursing Coursework

15 Credit Hours | 5 Courses

GNFO 517Forensic Science and the Legal System3 Credits
GNFO 518Criminal Law and the Courts3 Credits
GNFO 519 Advanced Forensic Nursing I: Theory and Practice3 Credits
GNFO 520Advanced Forensic Nursing II: Program Development, Leadership & Policy3 Credits
GNFO 521Forensic Clinical and Capstone3 Credits

Nursing Education and Faculty Role Coursework

15 Credit Hours | 5 Courses

GNED 507Foundations in Education Theory for Professional Practice Disciplines3 Credits
GNED 522Innovative Curriculum Design and Evaluation3 Credits
GNED 531Advanced Clinical Nursing3 Credits
GNED 532Emerging Trends and Innovations in the Teaching of Nursing3 Credits
GNED 533Nursing Faculty Role Practicum3 Credits

Note: If you have previously earned master’s-level nursing credits with a grade of “B” or higher, you may be able to transfer up to 9 credit hours and apply them toward your MSN at Duquesne. Curriculum is subject to change.